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Exenitions :

Participation in Group Photo Exhibition of “Because a Handful of Rubles “Theater Performance in 2011
Participation in Group Photo Exhibition of “Iranian Theater Photographers Association” for 5 years
Participation in Group Photo Exhibition of “Metastaz “Theater Performance in 2017
Participation in Group Photo Exhibition of “One “Photo Exhibition in 2018
Participation in Group Photo Exhibition of “That Moment “Photo Exhibition in 2020

Exclusive Photographer of “Women Theater Festival “2006
Exclusive Photographer of “Fajr International Theater Festival “2013

Awards :

Appreciated photographer of 11th festival of theater week by Iranian Theater
Photographers Association 2014

I was born in June 1977 in Mashhad. I came to Tehran to live with my family since I was 5 years old.

I am a graduate of "Dental Prosthetics" from Faculty of Dentistry, Tehran Azad University. A field in which I have never worked. I was always interested in cinema, but getting to know theater changed my life completely. I started working in the theater as an executive director and stage manager since 2013, but in the meantime, theater photography attracted me strongly, and since 2013, I have been professionally engaged in theater photography and continue to work in the field of theater. I continued in the executive department. In 1385, I experienced my first appearance as an actor by acting in the feature film "Unfinished Narratives" directed by Pouria Azarbaijani, after which I appeared in several other short films as an actor.

Since 2003, in parallel with working in the theater, I started working in the field of graphics and website design, which I am still busy with.

I am a member of the Theater Photographers Association and also a member and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of "Theatre Photographers Guild of Iran" since 2021.

The director and founder of "Crop Design Group" as well as the director and franchise owner of the "Iran Theater Photo" website.

In all these 20 years of my activity in the field of art, I have always tried to experience and worship with the love of art, especially theater.


Dental Prosthetist Technician Islamic Azad University Dental Branch of Tehran – 1998
Graduated in CIW “Master Designer of Web / Tehran Technical Complex (MFT) 2011
International Business Management - Benefits of Tehran Technical Complex - 2022

Member of “Iranian Theater Photographers Association” from 2013 to now
Vice President of the National Association of Iranian Theater Photographer
Director and Founder of “Iran Theater Photo “website (www.irantheaterphoto.com)
Director and Designer of “Crop Design Group” from 2004 to now (www.cropdesigngroup.com)
Member of “Leev Theater Group” from 2004 to 2017
Member of “Praxis Theater Group” from 2017 to now


We have a

Everyone in this world has a mission that they must fulfill, maybe my mission is to try to create and record works in order to continue art on its way. I tried all these years to work honestly in different fields of art so that I might leave something behind

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